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Nature in movement & harmony with humans


Painting in Nature

Artist in Residence

For several weeks in June 2021, Julie spent the time at the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument in Southern Oregon in the mountains, camping and painting as part of an Artist in Residence program she was selected for. The program allows artists to have a place to live and paint simply to promote the arts. At the end of the residency, the Friends of the CSNM hosted an artist reception with all the paintings (19 in total) she painted while there. It was such an amazing experience, she is already applying for others next year! Check out the Artist in Residence section of the art gallery for some of her results.

Honest Doodles Greeting Cards

These Cards from the Heart are for people who can’t find the words to communicate what they would like to say~ with honesty & consciousness.

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Core Belief Restructuring

The most amazing thing about the healing modality Core Belief Restructuring is that it actually facilitates change and quickly! Being not terribly patient myself, and not totally believing in time, it works for me. Why wait, right?

Core Belief Restructuring

My Books

In all my creative ideas, I never thought I would write a personal growth book, or any book for that matter. But I was guided to share the unique perceptions I had accumulated because of my Core Belief Restructuring work for so many years. It turned out to be a whole lot more work than I imagined, so I was not too keen on book number two wanting to be written as well! It was great actually. Then my husband, Ed Hunt, and I wrote a paranormal mystery together. That turned out to be way more fun than I imagined. So you never know what lies ahead. I guess one’s own story keeps writing itself throughout a life!

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Advantage Interpersonal Relations Training

Challenged to present a one hour 8th grade class with everything they needed about healthy relationships, I ended up teaching what I believed could have helped me at that age have better relationships. What transpired became the foundation for Advantage Interpersonal Relations, helping people feel understood, accepted and appreciated (the lack of which are the top reasons people quit their jobs) in companies, organizations, schools and the difference it makes is fundamental! So now I take this to companies, organizations, schools and the difference it makes is fundamental!

Advantage IRT

About Julie


A Brief Overview

Not sure if we all come with only one purpose, but we certainly come with individual passions. Mine is the joy that comes from watching people open! Creatively, expressively, uniquely, allowing an inner repressed Self to surface, naked, alive and passionate! Unkinking the creative hose, releasing limiting beliefs, facing fears, overcoming obstacles, finding understanding where there was grave misunderstanding, learning other communication styles so we can find appreciation and acceptance, calling forward the strength and bravery to connect openly and honestly are all a part of the what and the how of My Work.


With a Master’s Degree in International Relations, BA in political science and foreign languages, my formal education began in learning how to connect (as countries & societies). My experiential education, which kicked my egoic butt, was in business and working in close settings with co-workers, clients, bosses and reps in the broadcast video industry. There I learned the impossible and delicate skills of connecting, relating, communicating and imparting value.

I was then ready to put these skills into practice as a teacher, healer and author of personal growth retreats, programs, books and a healing modality. If I thought the video industry had a lot to teach me, that was only a warm-up~ I learned from every student, every curriculum, every philosophy. And being somewhat contrary, it took me a few times around (with some seriously hard blows to the head) to really get it. And attempt to live it.

Now I am in a place where I can attend to my inner landscape, tending and cultivating, sharing my bounty as it ripens, joyfully watching each person’s opening with satisfaction and the deep fulfillment that comes from knowing your passions are being realized.

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