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Greeting Cards From the Heart

Greeting cards

These Cards from the Heart are for people who can’t find the words to communicate what they would like to say ~ with honesty & consciousness.

Creator Julie Hutslar is a communication trainer and has worked with people of all ages, all stations in life and all kinds of organizations. She helps people bridge the gap so that everyone feels more understood, accepted and appreciated. She also is an artist who teaches how to open one’s own creative channels. These cards are the product of many years of role playing with her training participants, witnessing the giant misunderstandings in the various communication styles (as well as a lifetime of doodling).

Especially helpful for Feeling Communicators who feel misunderstood because they intuit long before they have words for something. Also for the Fiery Communicator who feels their fiery outbursts of passion are misunderstood as anger. The Practical Communicator may seem cool or aloof because their logical and reason-based words sometimes miss an emotional undercurrent. There are even cards for the ever wordy Verbal Communicator, to help others understand they love to share stories and connect.

“Bordering on autistic honesty, these cards cut right to the heart and share a vulnerable love that is often hard to put into words, especially if you don’t understand how you are misunderstood. Once you find the cards from your communication type, you will know what I am talking about.

If you have a type of card I have not covered, please contact me and perhaps I have a doodle just waiting for that one!”


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