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During the month of November 2022 I painted in the SE corner of Ireland. It was windy, wet, and green, so green. No tourists, lots of churning, moving weather and rainbows! Beautiful place, kind people, a wonderful place to paint. In the cottage where I was staying there were hundreds of rooks roosting in the trees above, leaving in the morning and coming back to roost at sunset creating a raucous symphony both times!

I also took with me a new kind of paper called Yupo, which is essentially plastic, but makes for the neatest watercolor experiences, dripping, blending, erasing (something unheard of with regular watercolor paper). I could take a towel and wipe off a whole area of the painting if I wanted it different, it was so fun. All the 11×14 pieces are on Yupo paper, and have a fixative sprayed on after.

Enjoy the Ireland I experienced through the artist’s eyes!