Core Belief Restructuring

Core Belief Restructuring

Helping people release limiting beliefs held in the non-conscious



Core Belief Restructuring is a healing modality that takes its source from looking inward, into a person’s belief system, for the root of issues. Not talk-counseling, this work is about locating a specific limiting belief held within a person’s baggage of self-identity. When a person feels cramped and stifled in their ability to move forward, to achieve specific goals, to heal their body or just to expand and grow, they have reached the boundaries of their own belief system.

Beliefs are much like fences, we put them there to protect something. Then as we mature, grow and want more for our lives, we must face the reasons for those fences and move beyond them. You will know when the timing is right, nothing else matters except expanding and getting out from under repeating patterns and repeating relationships.

The challenge is that most of our core beliefs are held non-consciously. We don’t know that they are there, much less what they are. This is where a CBR session can assist. We follow your energy signature to locate something specific that guides us to the belief you are already encountering, just perhaps not by name, and create an opportunity to release or reprogram it. You, the client, have already done most of the work by doing your own personal growth. By growing, we naturally run into the fences we placed along the way eons ago.

Your conscious mind wants to move forward, your non-conscious mind knows it has a different task until reprogrammed. This is what creates stalemates and eventually depression. Core Belief Restructuring is the reprogramming you are waiting for.

If you are ready, contact Julie to set up a session (by phone or in person).

$200 per session

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Paradigm Shifting

Focus Program

There comes a point in each person’s unique journey where the focus on their own stuff becomes paramount. This may feel like being stuck, a compelling desire to look inward, the niggling feeling of avoiding something important or just the conscious awareness that all the reading in the world is not going to change you unless you make a commitment to yourself to actually do/feel/be what needs to happen to move you forward.

This Focus Program is a 6 month commitment to work together; unblocking, releasing, allowing space for the inevitable cross currents to present themselves and also learning tools for energy management, self awareness, and meditation. Each session is customized for you, what you need, what you are ready and available for and what serves you most. We usually work once a month, however, the idea of the program is that we are committed to each other, so what you need becomes my priority.

The goal is to create powerful changes in how you see yourself, your world and your potential.

Payable monthly @ $200 per session.

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As a trained and certified mediator, Julie brings the skills necessary to bridge the communication and generation gap, offer shifting perspectives and encourage creative resolutions to disputes and unmitigated differences.

Click here to go to Julie’s Advantage Interpersonal Relations web page for more information and feel free to contact Julie to find if Mediation may help you.

Personal Leadership Training

Similar to the Focus Program is Personal Leadership training. It is one of the products I offer through my company, Advantage Interpersonal Relations Training.

Based on your stated goals, your program is custom tailored. After consulting with you and assessing your needs, the length of the program is mutually agreed upon. We typically meet every other week via phone, with follow-up tasks for you to complete between. This focus is on the personal blocks to career goals, moving into management or becoming a better leader. It addresses your unique issues and clears the way to a more fulfilling destiny.

Who would choose this program?

  • Small business owners who may be in a time of expansion, but do not feel confident in their ability to control the growth that comes from adding extra employees, facilities, or markets.
  • An employee who has, to date, done such a good job that they find themselves promoted to a managerial position. They have the new position, the increase in salary, the increase in responsibility… but no training in leadership or management. This person is happy for the promotion, but may nurture secret thoughts of being a fraud. They are not a fraud. They just haven’t been trained for the position they occupy.
  • An employee who knows they are more than management sees in them. Possibly passed over for promotion. Possibly not even considered for other positions in which they would flourish.

The list goes on, but basically anyone who is seeking expansion in their business or career.

$250 per session (often paid for by a company).

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